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14908 N. State St. Middlefield OH 44062 US

Paint and Sips

Magic Tricks and supplies

Unique Specialty Card Decks

Face Painting Supplies

Pranks and gags
Costume Props
Smoke and Snow machines
Lighting effects

Lingerie, boa's, corsets


Costume Rentals

Costume Retail
Special Effects Make-up
Costume Accessories 
Hats (specialty and hard to find)   
Costume Jewelry

Mascot Costumes

Crowns and Tiara's

Latex Masks

Welcome to PERFECT OCCASION COSTUMES AND MAGIC, located in beautiful downtown Middlefield, OHIO.

​PERFECT OCCASION COSTUMES AND MAGIC is a full service theatrical costume and magic shop that is home to over 20,000 rental costumes, magic tricks and supplies, retail costumes, specialty hats, wigs, costume accessories, latex masks, puppets, costume and custom made jewelry, special effects props, make-up, face painting supplies, lingerie, footwear, tuxedo rentals, and so much more.

Here's the great thing **** Perfect Occasion Costumes and Magic is open ALL YEAR****

​Perfect Occasion is not only a unique retail store, it is home to some of the finest entertainers and performers in the area. Debra Miler and Mark Miller (owners) a.k.a  Spitunia and Mark the Magician. Check out the                             "Just Wondering" and "About" links below to see all the fantastic shows and services they provide.



Monday       11am - 5pm

Tuesday      11am - 6pm

Wednesday closed

Thursday     11am - 6pm

Friday          11am - 5pm

Saturday      11am - 4pm

Sunday        closed  (APPT. ONLY)

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Perfect Occasion Costumes and Magic strives all year long to bring you the newest, most complete collection of costumes in Northeast Ohio. Our goal is to completely fulfill the needs of all our customers.  With friendly, knowledgeable, quick and competitive prices, we are sure that PERECT OCCASION COSTUMES AND MAGIC will be your one stop shopping destination for all your holiday, theatrical, and entertainment needs!

14908 N. State St. MIDDLEFIELD, OH. 44062

PHONE: (440) 632-1147



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Meet Spitunia and Mark the Magician

Perfect Occasion Costumes and Magic  also specializes in clothing alterations, and making one of a kind unique items. Zippers, buttons, hemming, repairs....etc. WE DO IT ALL!!!!


​Perfect Occasion is a licensed distributor of the Rondinelli Tuxedo Company!