​Visiting Perfect Occasion Costumes and Magic is truly a unique shopping experience, and is to  sure bring out the theatrical side of you!

​We strive to bring you the latest and greatest in the costume and magic industry.  Whether you are into dressing up, doing FX Make-up, school projects, re-enacting, performing, face painting, theatre, or just being plain silly.....We've got you covered.

With over a 1600 sq. ft. retail location, Perfect Occasion Costumes and Magic is stocked to the hilt with some of the most unique items to meet your needs. We do our very best to satisfy the needs of all of our customers, if we do not have what you are looking for, we will try and get it for you.   

​Looking to have something Custom made, we do that here to!!!!!

​Perfect Occasion Costumes and Magic costume designer Debra Warren-Miller, is one of the finest, most creative people in the business. So if you need something created, sewn, designed, painted, repaired, or altered, just stop by and see Debra.

​She'll get you fixed up.

​Perfect Occasion Costumes and Magic has many types of ENTERTAINERS for all events.

Face Painter

Close up Magician

Balloons Artist

DJ- Vocalist- Karaoke

​Mascot Costume Characters (Santa, Easter Bunny, Super Hero, ETC.)


Stage Magicians


Paint and Sip Classes (call for inquires)

​Perfect Occasion Costumes and Magic also Teaches / Lectures

​Private Magic Lessons

​Private Face painting Lessons

Having a Face painting jam or Magic Club Meeting?

​We got that covered, Perfect Occasion Costumes and magic will bring their supplies to you!!!!

​We'll teach, demonstrate, give tips, tricks, answer questions, and much more!

​Perfect Occasion Costumes and Magic has many in store programs to take advantage of:

​Costuming School Plays ​

Make up Application Classes

Magic Demo's

Gift Certificates


​Can we try on Costumes, Hats, Wigs Etc.      /  YES, you certainly can. With exception to anything hygienically questionable.

​                                                                           ( hopefully this requires no further explanation!)

​Can we sample make-up/ face paint              /   Yes, we have samples out for display that you may test, and play with.

​Do we take returns?                                       /   No, do to the nature of our business, we DO NOT except returns! Unless the                                                                           product is faulty do to manufacturing

​Can we reserve costumes                             /  Yes

​How will I know if the costume will fit?           /  Come in and try it on, I've never seen you.
​How will I know if I'll like the costume?          /  Again, come in and try it on!!!! We have Mirrors!

​Do I have to clean it before I bring it back?   /  No, All garments are clean before they leave our building, and we will clean them

​                                                                         when you return them.  Just pick them up, use them, and return them. We'll take

                                                                                                  ​care of the rest!

​Any Questions at all, feel free to contact us

​(440) 632-1147 (Mark or Debra will be happy to assist)

​​​​​​Perfect Occasion Costumes and Magic        /        Whips Magic Emporium


14908 N. State St. Middlefield OH 44062 US